Review Your Cloud Security Posture – Before Someone Else Does

Review Your Cloud Security Posture Securing your Microsoft Office 365 environment and data is a critical part of moving your workloads to the cloud. Our team of Office 365 experts will lead you through the process of identifying key elements to better secure your Office 365 environment and help ensure that your company’s critical data is protected. Our activities leverage a set of clear, proven processes and recommendations, leveraging Microsoft’s Office 365 Security Assessment.

While security provided by cloud vendors is by far the safest environment to use today for your business, how each of the settings are defined must continuously be evaluated.

Why a Cloud Security Assessment?

When you move your data to a cloud provider, who is responsible for the security of your data – the cloud provider or your organization? Many business leaders view security as the sole responsibility of the cloud provider. However, true cloud security requires a collaborative effort between the provider and the organization itself. An Office 365 Security Assessment can help you identify the areas of your Office 365 environment that can be configured to enhance the security posture of your organization, for such things as authentication controls, the number of highly-privileged accounts, audit log review, external sharing of data and so on. By reviewing these controls and determining what is most appropriate for your organization, an Office 365 Security Assessment can help you protect your data and maintain good security practices.

Trifecta Cloud Security has a long history delivering successful Office 365 and on-premises Microsoft solutions for customers, providing solid security recommendations with an eye toward the needs of your user base. Our expertise in Office 365, networking, security and change management allows us to provide you with the confidence that our solutions will be well-planned, effective and tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

As Certified Microsoft 365 Consultants, We Can Help!

We have the skilled personnel, attack simulators, network scanners and technology expertise to evaluate your overall security posture and help secure your cloud environment.

Key Elements of Our Cloud Security Assessment

Kickoff Workshop

Provide an overview of the engagement covering vision and objectives, requirements, next steps, and actions.

Learn the Microsoft Security Story and why they are the largest security company on the planet.

Learn about the global threat telemetry they receive and how they are using Artificial Intelligence to share this data across more than 200 brands.

Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

Forces you to consider your own cloud usage and adoption. Your current security requirements and objectives, regulations that your organization requires (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR).

This questionnaire and discussions helps provide the security context for our experts to provide recommendations and guidance.

Identify/Discover Risks

Provide a documented evaluation of your cloud security posture

Explain the major findings and make mitigation recommendations

Organize the findings into high, medium, and low categories to identify immediate issues to address.

Create security awareness.

Mitigation Recommendations

Explain our methodology to implement high, medium, and low changes to further secure the environment.

Provide a roadmap of how best to address the issues identified.

Explain how security is not a finish line to cross, but rather why periodic evaluations are required.

What Trifecta Cloud Security Provides In This Assessment

Secure ScoreWhether you are planning a migration to Office 365 and want to ensure you have planned out your security policies and procedures correctly, or you are already operating in Office 365 and want to ensure that you are doing everything you can to secure your data, Contoso has the experts to ensure your efforts will be successful. We leverage proven tools and processes for identifying the most critical controls that should be applied in environment. We then use our years of experience in working with organizations of many sizes and industries to provide you with guidance in prioritizing and implementing those controls in a phased manner so as to minimize any disruption to your employees. We provide an end-to-end approach that includes an organizational assessment, detailed review of the assessment and recommendations on next steps, and best practices on how to successfully implement Office 365 security features.

Recognizing that security is not a condition, but a continuous process, we also offer an ongoing monthly service that will provide you with a monthly review of the current security recommendations, and identification of issues that should be addressed to continuously improve the security of your service.

What’s Next?

Trifecta Cloud Security offers an optional Monitor the Office 365 Cloud service to continually monitor and manage the security of your deployment. Make us be your security consultants and monitoring team.